Justin Garrison

The state of on-prem Kubernetes

Posted on March 1, 2024  •  1 minutes  • 168 words

Brief description

Hardware is hard and Kubernetes doesn’t help

Short description

Just because Kubernetes is cloud native doesn’t mean you can’t run it on-prem, but why is it so hard in 2024? There are lots of options but all of them have trade-offs. Justin has been building on-prem clusters for 8 years and will help you figure out if you need a project or a product, CAPI or PXE, and cloud-init or config management.

Long description

Justin was the co-chair of SIG on-prem in 2017 and has been working with home lab and enterprise Kubernetes for 8 years. What are the options for deploying and managing Kubernetes on-prem? On-prem Kubernetes environments have often been relegated to DIY approaches with little to no options unless you use a specific hardware or VM vendor. Agnostic approaches exist but are usually tied to cloud vendors. This talk will overview the landscape of offerings and where community vs commercial overlap exists. Everything from Raspberry Pis, edge environments, and Enterprise hardware.



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