Justin Garrison

What is a Wasm and how do you Kubernetes it?

Posted on November 1, 2022  •  1 minutes  • 205 words


Kubecon EU


WebAssembly (Wasm) promises faster start times, better security, and more portability than containers. But what can Wasm really do and how does it fit into the Cloud Native ecosystem? Bailey and Justin compare the technologies and show how they’re more similar than you might think. They’ll break down use cases in your existing Kubernetes clusters and explain why containers aren’t doomed, yet.

Benefit to the ecosystem

The Cloud Native ecosystem is evolving to include more tools, platforms, and technologies beyond just Kubernetes. While many people are just getting started with Kubernetes there is a lot of confusion about WebAssembly being used for server workloads and how it complements Containers and Kubernetes.

One of the most common questions in this vein is “What can I actually do with Wasm right now? How can it actually help me?” This talk is meant to be an extremely practical answer to that question that gives a guide to those in the Cloud Native technical community (devs and SREs) of what you can actually do with Wasm. We want to show that Wasm is a complementary technology and then demonstrate that with live examples to help audience members further understand what Wasm can do.



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