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Where we're going we don't need Nodes

Posted on October 1, 2021  •  1 minutes  • 191 words

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Workload native node provisioning in Kubernetes


SoCal Linux Expo

Short Abstract

Kubernetes automatic node scaling has solved many problems, but it has introduced some new ones too. If you need your clusters to scale without pre-defined node groups or complex weight configurations we’ll show how you can dynamically add nodes based on workload needs with the Karpenter project.

Long Abstract

Karpenter is an open source Kubernetes node autoscaler that is optimized for fast node provisioning with workload defined constraints. Workloads don’t need to adapt to clusters to get the best node. Now your clusters can adapt to the workload to make sure all resources and constraints are perfect for what you’re running. Karpenter works directly with compute providers (eg EC2) so you get fast provisioning in the correct zone and instance size you need. You can create provisioners to restrict compute options or set defaults for your constraints. Karpenter also handles deprovisioning and cycling nodes based on your needs. In this talk we’ll cover some of the most used features and show differences between Karpenter and the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler and alternative providers like AWS Fargate.



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