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To us-east-1 and beyond

Posted on November 1, 2020  •  1 minutes  • 179 words


Crossplane Community Day Europe


Your toy application is a buzz on the internet. It’s containerized but your uptime is falling with style. How can you get cloud services in a Kubernetes native way? AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) rides in to save the day, but what about about multi-region? ACK has a friend in crossplane to give your app the love and scale it deserves.


Developers with containers already running on Kubernetes or thinking of moving to Kubernetes. Users who want to scale their application beyond a single region for HA or being closer to customers. They’ll learn how they can easily do that with crossplane and how ACK accelerates what they can do with in AWS.

Benefits to the ecosystem

Customers will learn how they can use crossplane even if they have no intention of running multi-cloud architecture. They can benefit from the abstractions and tooling available to solve problems on single cloud vendors too. They will also learn how AWS Controllers for Kubernetes accelerates what crossplane is able to do in AWS.



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