Justin Garrison

Infrastructure for Entertainment

Posted on March 1, 2020  •  2 minutes  • 224 words


Let’s talk about what it takes to create movies and ship them to theaters as well as what it takes to stream movies directly to viewers. Justin has experience running infrastructure for both and wants to help you be successful in your cloud or on-prem journey.

Benefits to the Ecosystem

There’s lots of talk about websites and apps that use cloud technologies but there’s often gaps for various industries that don’t fit the typical website. Even though much of the infrastructure at Disney Animation and Disney Streaming didn’t use CNCF products I think it is still beneficial for attendees to understand how you can solve business needs with cloud technologies as well as applying cloud native practices to traditional infrastructure.

Justin will draw from first hand experience building a studio from scratch (Disneytoon studios), creating Oscar winning movies (Zootopia, Moana, Frozen II), as well as running global infrastructure for Disney+ launch from 0 to 50M users.

Speaker Bio

Justin has experience creating your kids favorite movies and running infrastructure for some of their favorite apps. He co-authored Cloud Native Infrastructure to help you be successful in the cloud and wants to make the cloud services better for what you need. He is passionate about open communities and sharing from first hand failures so you don’t have to experience the same pitfalls.



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