Justin Garrison

Service Mess: Do You Need A Service Mesh?

Posted on April 1, 2019  •  2 minutes  • 247 words


Everyone wants a service mesh because of the benefits they bring. Few people consider the costs or alternatives. Justin will look at how the internet has managed to get by for so long without it. When can you use a load balancer instead? What other options do you have? Are services meshes just hype? We’ll take a step back and think through the problems and solutions available so you can make your own decisions.


Case studies and marketing material are great, but people need to make decisions for themselves. This talk will help them understand the pros and cons of an array of different options. Load balancers, client libraries, and other tools that have been used to scale internet sized services. I will provide clear examples of how the alternatives work and when they should be used and what limitations they have. Attendees should come away with a clearer sense of what options they have to solve their problems.


service mesh


Justin loves open source almost as much as he loves community. He is not a fan of buzz words but searches for the patterns and benefits behind technology trends. He frequently shares his findings and tries to disseminate knowledge through practical lessons and unique examples. He is an active member in many communities and constantly questions the status quo. He is relentless in trying to learn new things and giving back to the communities who have taught him so much.



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