Justin Garrison

How-to prepare for launch

Posted on April 1, 2019  •  1 minutes  • 151 words


Launching a product is stressful for people and infrastructure. Justin will show you what to consider before a highly anticipated product launch so you can be prepared for the unknown. He will provide examples from a recent service offering as well as discuss lessons learned.

Benefits to the Ecosystem

The ecosystem currently focuses too much on tools. By providing a real world example from a service that does not use Kubernetes I hope to help people be successful no matter what their technology stacks look like. Disney+ launches the week before Kubecon and I will show what we did to prepare as well as what expected and unexpected things happened during launch. I might not be able to directly say the example service is Disney+ (Disney legal would probably say no), but I will extract the things we found beneficial and give some real world examples of why.



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