Justin Garrison

Mastering ZSH

Posted on September 1, 2019  •  1 minutes  • 160 words




In this workshop we’ll start with a fresh zsh configuration and work our way up to advanced keyboard shortcuts and command line usage. We’ll build from basics to show attendees how they can combine commands and shortcuts to meet their needs. We’ll be building a .zshrc file as we go to make continued usage, portability, and tweaking easy. Various tools such as sed, awk, and jq will be covered as needed for examples. Attendees should be familiar with basic to intermediate shell usage and are welcome to bring their own tips/tricks to share.


Justin is a long time Linux desktop user who believes this is the year of Linux on the desktop! He’s also a pragmatist and wants you to use the tools that make sense for you. He’s a co-author of Cloud Native Infrastructure and loves open source communities and projects. Currently he builds infrastructure and makes developers more productive for Disney Streaming.



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