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Building apps without code

Posted on September 1, 2019  •  2 minutes  • 223 words


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In the early days of the web you could get a job anywhere with “HTML” on your resume. Having a website meant you knew networking, DNS, how to code and probably systems administration. Building basic websites has gone from elitist hacker to drag and drop. This empowered millions of people to have a presence on the web without needing to learn CSS. The internet has changed over the years. Websites are no longer the definitive source of engagement and new generations don’t own computers. App development is the new HTML and voice assistants are an emerging form of customer acquisition. New platforms are empowering millions more people to create mobile and voice apps without needing to code. In this talk we’ll look at two examples of getting started with simple ideas and how you can use these new platforms.

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I’ll be showing how to build a mobile app with https://www.glideapps.com/ and a voice assistant app with https://www.voiceflow.com/

I’m not affiliated with either company but I’ve built personal apps using both platforms.


Justin is a tinkerer who frequently plays with new technologies and despises endless yak shaving. He is an open source advocate and loves to engage with communities and learn new things. Currently he builds infrastructure and makes developers more productive for Disney Streaming.



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