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Call For Papers (CFPs)

These are my talk submissions to various conferences and meetups. I open sourced them so you can see examples of what CFPs look like and get your own ideas.

You can use the filter to find submissions for different conferences, years, or status. Click on any row to see the full submission with abstract.

My current CFP acceptance rate is 16%

Year Title Conference Status
2024-05 APIs all the way down to the kernel SREday Accepted
2024-11 What Kubernetes Should Learn from Other Orchestrators Kubecon NA Submitted
2024-06 Security down to the kernel Cloud Native Securitycon Accepted
2024-10 How to change a company All Things Open Rejected
2024-03 The state of on-prem Kubernetes SCaLE Accepted
2024-10 How many binaries do you need? All Things Open Submitted
2024-08 How many binaries do you need? Devopsdays Minneapolis Submitted
2024-07 TikTok Storytelling DevRelCon Rejected
2024-07 DevRel is Bullsh*t DevRelCon Rejected
2024-09 Declarative Linux with the Common Operating System Interface SREday Accepted
2024-04 An API for Linux API days Rejected
2024-04 Single Purpose Linux for Kubernetes DevopsDays Tokyo Rejected
2024-05 Single Purpose Linux Stir Trek Rejected
2024-10 I was wrong about the cloud All Things Open Rejected
2024-05 I was wrong about the cloud Stir Trek Rejected
2024-03 The state of on-prem Kubernetes Kubecon EU Rejected
2024-03 I was wrong about Cloud Native Infrastructure Kubecon EU Rejected
2024-03 The state of on-prem Kubernetes SREcon Rejected
2024-03 Reliable systems with API driven Linux SREcon Rejected
2024-02 How we got from DevOps to Platform Engineering Developer week Rejected
2024-02 API Driven Linux Developer week Rejected
2023-10 The incredibly flexible OCI image format Dockercon Accepted
2023-10 Putting the "lie" in reliability Devops Stage Accepted
2023-09 Fast, Scalable, and Efficient Kubernetes AWS Community Day Cancelled
2023-11 The Road to Seamless Cluster Upgrades Kubecon Rejected
2023-11 ChatGPT, Deploy My Application Kubecon Rejected
2023-09 The world wide web of lies Strangeloop Rejected
2023-09 Don't at me Strangeloop Rejected
2023-05 Build your own game streaming service Tailscale Up Accepted
2023-05 The evolution of a platform Platformcon Rejected
2023-05 App native infrastructure Platformcon Rejected
2023-03 Automated, Immutable, Declarative? All Lies Taloscon Accepted
2023-04 What is a Wasm and how do you Kubernetes it? Kubecon EU Rejected
2023-04 Kubernetes home labs for any budget Kubecon EU Rejected
2023-01 How to tell better stories You Got This Accepted
2022-10 Cloud Native Infrastructure with Kubernetes Gitex DevSlam Accepted
2022-09 A visual guide to garbage collection Gophercon Rejected
2022-06 Scaling Kubernetes with Karpenter Open Source Summit NA Rejected
2022-05 Infrastructure as Software with GitOps GitOpsCon EU Rejected
2022-06 Debugging Kubernetes Open Source Summit North America Rejected
2022-05 100 clusters and beyond Kubecon EU Rejected
2022-03 Where we're going we don't need Nodes SCaLE 17x Rejected
2022-03 Monitoring Observability DevOpsDays LA Rejected
2021-05 Document driven culture at Amazon DevOpsDays LA Rejected
2021-04 From container to cloud Cloud Native Kubernetes Manchester Accepted
2021-04 The bug before downtime o11ycon Rejected
2021-04 Web scale open source with Kubernetes All Things Open Accepted
2021-03 To us-east-1 and beyond Crossplane Community Day Europe Rejected
2021-05 TikTalk DevOpsDays PDX Accepted
2021-03 Putting the "lie" in reliability All Day Devops Rejected
2021-04 Enterprise grade open source All Things Open Rejected
2021-03 CI/CD: Continuous Infrastructure / Cluster Demand All Day Devops Accepted
2021-05 The Open Source of EKS Anywhere Kubecon Rejected
2021-05 The Mythical Multi-Cluster Month Kubecon NA Rejected
2020-11 Infrastructure for Entertainment Kubecon NA Accepted
2020-06 How Disney+ Prepared for Launch O'Reilly Infrastructure & Ops Rejected
2020-03 How Disney+ Prepared for Launch SCALE 18x Withdrawn
2019-09 Mastering ZSH Strangeloop Rejected
2019-09 Evolution of infrastructure Strangeloop Rejected
2019-09 Building apps without code Strangeloop Rejected
2019-11 How-to prepare for launch Cloud Native Rejekts Withdrawn
2019-11 Service Mess: Do You Need A Service Mesh? Kubecon NA Rejected
2019-10 Mastering ZSH LISA Accepted
2019-11 How-to prepare for launch Kubecon NA Rejected
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