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January 18, 2012

15 Ideas to Buy or Build Your Perfect Standing Desk

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Once you’ve tried using a standing desk for yourself and decided you want something more permanent, your next option is to build a desk of your own or buy something you can use full time.

We have already shown you how you can modify your existing desk to make it a standing desk , but if you want more options or prefer something that looks more professional, here are some options to build or buy a permanent standing desk.

Build a Desk From Scratch

Building a standing desk is a cheaper option than buying one that’s professionally made. It can also give you more options for space restrictions and allows you to include any drawers, shelves, or options you want.

Here are some ideas to get you started with building your own standing desk from scratch. Click on the picture for a link with more information.


Our very own Jason Fitzpatrick  built his desk using two filing cabinets, four milk crates, and a door. The whole desk costs a fraction of a pre-built one and has served well for quite some time. Click the picture for a closeup of how he kept the crates together.


For $200, this IKEA modified desk looks great and has a ton of storage built in. Click the picture for the parts list and build instructions.


This is my work bench in my garage but it works as a great standing desk too. It is a piece of recycled wood for the top and four 4×4 posts cut to 36″ each. The legs are held to the top with shelving brackets. The bench cost about $60 for the legs, brackets, and screws and the bench top I salvaged from the trash. Click the picture for another look.


This IKEA hack uses a filing cabinet and table legs. It looks great and includes a book holder and takes up a minimal amount of floor space. Click the picture for the full build information.


This $40 stand up desk is one of the easiest to build. It gives you the benefit of having a lot of desk space and taking up no room on the floor.


This build costs a bit more but looks fantastic in a modern office. Chris also has some great videos explaining how he put everything together.


Much like the first shelf desk, this one hangs on the wall. The benefits here are multiple tiers and adjustable height. It may take a bit of work, but this could easily be converted for multiple computers and multiple heights and costs about $50.


With a few items from IKEA, this standing desk looks very clean and costs only about $200. Is a great idea if you can’t put holes in your wall or, like this picture, want the desk in front of a window.


This wall mounted IKEA DVD storage unit makes a great standing desk that can hide your cables from view. It only costs about $100 and an afternoon to set up.

Where to Buy a Standing Desk

When you don’t have the time to build something, and have the money to spend, here are some great options for buying a standing desk.


The FREDRIK from IKEA is pretty much the gold standard when it comes to standing desks. It’s simple, adjustable, and has a plethora of accessories to go with it. It starts at $150 which makes it one of the cheapest standing desks you will find anywhere.


This is my current standing desk made by Ergotron. It attaches to a normal desk and converts it into a standing/sitting desk. There are a few different accessories (monitor mounts, large keyboard tray, shelf) and the price can add up when the base model starts at $380.


The GeekDesk is a great option when looking to buy a standing desk. Not only does it have a large work surface, but it also adjust to sitting height at the touch of a button. It comes in two different sizes as well as frame and desk top colors. At $800 the price can be a bit steep. Click on the picture for more information.


The UTBY is another IKEA solution that looks simple and costs less. This one is available in two different heights and is great for buying a standing desk in a small amount of space. Starting at $140 it’s also not going to break the bank.


If you want a stand up desk you can take with you, you should look at the Tabletote. It can be used as a sitting or standing desk and is completely self contained so you can put it in your bag and take it with you. Starting at $40 it is a great portable standing desk option.


If you’re in need of a corner desk that will also let you stand, Ergodepot has you covered. It’s not cheap, starting at $1200, but it would give you a lot of desk space and the option to sit or stand.

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