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December 21, 2010

How to Share Links Between Any Browser and Any Smartphone

Posted on December 21, 2010  •  3 minutes  • 505 words

It happens all the time, you find an article to read but then nature calls. Do you take your laptop with you? With site to phone you can share links between any browser and any smartphone with a single click.

If you have Android you may be familiar with this functionality with Google’s Chrome to phone , or with webOS’ Neato! But what if you have an iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7 device? That is where site to phone comes in handy. It not only supports every major mobile smartphone operating system, but it also supports every major web browser.

Setup Your Phone

The first thing you will need to do is go to site to phone on your laptop and click setup with your phone.

The site will generate a unique browser link and ask you to go to that link on your phone’s browser.

Note: The link is unique to you and if you give it to other people they may be able to see what links you have sent to your phone. Because of the way this works, you can only send links to one phone set up at a time.

Follow the instructions on the page for your phone to add the bookmark as a shortcut on your app launcher.

Note: My instructions are for webOS but yours will probably be similar.

Once you have created the shortcut, tap complete setup and go back to your laptop to set up your browser.

Setup Your Browser

The next step isn’t required but it makes things easier. If you don’t want to install an addon or create an account you can go to the site to phone website and use quick send to send links to your phone.

If you would like to make life easier on yourself you can click on your browser icon for instructions on how to install a plugin or bookmarklet. Currently only IE8/9 and Chrome have plugins while the other browsers use a bookmarklet that works just as well.

You will need to set up an account to use the bookmarklet or extension, but it is well worth it for one click send to phone functionality.

After you have set up your account and logged into the site all you need to do is browse to a site you would like to read on your phone and either right click and select “send page to phone” or click the icon in your menu bar.

After a site has been sent to your phone, go to your phone’s app launcher and tap the bookmark you created earlier.

Tap on it to launch the webpage you just sent to the phone.

Some phones will even recognize links that have native apps and open the necessary app to give you the best experience possible on your device.

To view your link history you can open site to phone in phone or laptop browser and click on “your links” at the top.

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