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November 29, 2022

Goodbye - 123dev #100

Posted on November 29, 2022  •  3 minutes  • 461 words
Ralph waves goodbye to Vanellope from Ralph Breaks the Internet


Final 123dev issue

Thank you so much for subscribing to this newsletter. It has been my pleasure to bring you a new issue every week for the past 100 weeks!

This is the last issue.

I have learned a lot from creating this newsletter and it has been a fun project. I wrote my first web assembly for this newsletter and more JavaScript than I expected. I appreciate the feedback I’ve received and for you taking the time to read these comments.

I hope the gifs made you smile, the comments made you think, and the links helped you learn.

I have been reevaluating a lot of the things I do online, and realized I want to do less and own more. I’ve been creating content that lives on a lot of closed platforms and I want to take a bit more ownership going forward. I’ll still be active, but I want to be more intentional about where I spend my time.

See the first link below for how to keep getting emails from me.

Glory to Ukraine

When I first started using a comment to raise awareness about the war in Ukraine I assumed it would last for a month or two. A bit like the Covid pandemic I was naive to how long things like war and global pandemics last.

My heart breaks thinking of everything they’ve had to endure, and I’m filled with exuberance to see how they’ve rallied together as a nation. The war is not over, but I hope and pray they can rebuild into a even stronger nation.


I don’t want to make any assumptions about why you subscribed to this newsletter so I won’t be moving any subscribers from this newsletter to my blog newsletter. I created an email sign up form on the home page of my website and you are welcome to sign up to receive my articles in your inbox. There’s also a new and improved RSS option!

If you want to subscribe to my blog feel free to reply to this email and I can add you.


I deleted 58,000 tweets using this script. I never really thought I would spend 14 years on a platform and then erase all evidence I was there. I felt, sad, mad, and relieved all at the same time.

If you delete your tweets make sure they’re not being embedded in your blog or referenced around the internet. I broke more things than I expected. My own self inflicted fail whale.


Ever wondered how to implement a certain algorithm? This has dozens of common algorithms implemented in various different languages. It’s really good to compare how features of each language let them implement the same functionality in different ways.

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