Justin Garrison
November 15, 2022

Harder than they seem - 123dev #98

Posted on November 15, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 280 words
Someone pretends to lift weights at a gym



I was wrote Typescript this week for the second time in my life. Learning new things is hard. Learning them without adequate documentation or a person to point you in the right direction is a test of perseverance.

It’s amazing to me that junior engineers can grow at all in this industry. Senior engineers that are too busy to document how things work and in too many meetings to talk to.

If you’re a senior engineer, documentation can be one of the biggest impacts you can have in your organization. Teaching junior engineers can help you learn faster than going off on your own to build new things.

Reason to celebrate

This comment has been dedicated to updates on the Russian invasion in Ukraine since it started 8 months ago. This past week the Ukrainian military made key advances to take back cities in Ukraine and forced the Russian forces to retreat. I read reports that people were cheering in the streets because it was such a key victory. The war is not over, but celebrating the battle wins is an important part of being one nation with a common goal.

Because this newsletter is all about gifs and programming this is the perfect link. An endless gif.

time.gif · HookRace Blog

An endless GIF that always shows the current time in UTC

Twitter has been recursive for years, but this is a fun post on how to predict tweet id URLs.

Oisín Moran | How I Made a Self-Quoting Tweet

A tweet that references itself

Databases are magical until you learn how they work. Then they’re scary.

How do database indexes work?

How do database indexes work?planetscale.com binary tree

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