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November 1, 2022

Upside down - 123dev #96

Posted on November 1, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 410 words
A tractor flips upside down trying to get unstuck


How did this happen?

I’ve been feeling not like myself for the past few weeks. A combination of traveling alone, sick family, and changes have left me feeling directionless. Sometimes we need to reset and check our priorities, but we don’t always have the answers.

If you died today how would you want to be remembered? How do you think you would be remembered? Making those answers match is an ever changing, life-long process. Enjoy the journey without losing sight of your goals.

Doing the work

I met a friend in person who has been serving in the Ukraine armed forces. It was so good to see them and I asked what I could personally do to help. He had a few requests I gladly agreed to do everything I could.

At some point you have to stop talking and start doing. I was glad to reach that point to help. I know there’s still more I can do, and I’m thankful for the people I’ve seen doing the work for a while.

I believe the next big innovation in software development will be giving more people access to development tools and enabling more people to solve problems without writing code. The Replit mobile app is a dev environment with few trade-offs. It’s not a fully featured IDE for today’s enterprise development, but I can’t wait to see the software that gets written with it.

Replit - Replit Mobile App

Replit - Replit Mobile Appblog.replit.com

Announcing the Replit mobile development app.

Ferymon is created a WASM based cloud so they have something to tell with this article but it’s not all wrong. Some of the concerns from the past need to move out of the application and into the infrastructure. Event driven architecture and functions as a service have already been doing this and for me it hasn’t been the panacea I thought it would be.

Rethinking Microservices | Fermyon Technologies (@FermyonTech)www.fermyon.com Microservices are serving us well in many ways. But in some ways, we can do better. Will microservices v2 be powered by WebAssembly?

Solving more problems and writing less code by focusing on the right things.

Elided Branches: The Product Culture Shift

Elided Branches: The Product Culture Shiftwww.elidedbranches.com

Adding product management to more traditional software infrastructure organizations, sometimes with a shift towards platform engineering, is all the rage today. As someone who has done both these things, it doesn’t surprise me to see so many people struggling to make it work.

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