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October 24, 2022

Where are you going? - 123dev #95

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A home built projector for live navigation on a bike


Velocity is better than speed

In physics speed is the rate of change over time. How fast something is going. Velocity is speed + direction. Depending on the target, you can have negative velocity.

Moving fast isn’t a good measurement for making progress. It is better to move slowly in the direction you want than fast in any direction available. Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll move fast in the right direction for a little while, but unless you have a destination in mind you’ll likely lose focus and change course without realizing it.

There’s too many things to learn and too many cool things to play with. Having distractions, hobbies, and things you do just because you enjoy them are great! But if you’re trying to make progress and achieve something you’re going to have to figure out what next step will point you in the right direction. No matter how slow you go.

The cost of war

I hope the war ends soon. There have been 6,322 civilians killed, including 397 children, and 9,634 civilians have been wounded since the war began.

6,322 people had stories about what the had done. They had plans for where they were going. They can’t tell their stories or achieve their goals any more.

I’ve wanted to do this math for a long time. Lambda and any 1:1 request to function system can be very cost effective for a long time. At some point the lines cross and it’s cheaper to run a server that can handle multiple calls.

Modeling & Analyzing Lambda vs. Fargate Breakeven - Nuvalence

Modeling & Analyzing Lambda vs. Fargate Breakeven - Nuvalencenuvalence.io

At what scale do the economics of functions vs servers make sense

There are a lot of cool projects that never become widely used. I’ve used projects like this in the past and it’s always cool to me how flexible the “everything is a file” paradigm in Linux can be.

Teleforking a process onto a different computer! - Tristan Hume

Run a process on a different computer

Lots of great information and stories from the maintainer of `curl` If you’re looking to get more involved with open source this is a good read.

README - Uncurled

README - Uncurledun.curl.dev

everything I know and learned about running and maintaining Open Source projects for three decades.

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