Justin Garrison
September 20, 2022

Expertise - 123dev #90

Posted on September 20, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 338 words
A motorcycle racer narrowly misses other crashed racers


Experience != expertise

Lots of companies want you to have experience. They require years of experience with X technology, but those years don’t translate to expertise.

Many companies don’t require expertise, but because they’re not experts themselves they don’t know what they need. Years of riding a motorcycle will give you a lot of experience, but the expert level riding in this gif—and a decent amount of luck—show what’s possible.

A non-update update

I’m writing this newsletter early because I’m traveling. If you’re a new subscriber I use a comment each week to raise awareness about the Ukraine war. Assuming it has not ended in the past 11 days—which would be awesome if it peacefully ended—it is still happening and people are still dying.

Even if the war is not in the news that doesn’t mean it’s not happening or important. There are a lot of terrible things happening in the world right now and I encourage you to protect your own metal well-being to stay healthy and supportive of those around you.

A good overview of pagination for API requests. Why you need it and different strategies to achieve it.

Paginating Requests in APIs. | Mediumignaciochiazzo.medium.com Learn the most common pagination API strategies: Cursor-based, Key Set-based pagination and Paged based paginations. Learn what the industry use.

Gamification of learning is nothing new. Writing your own games for learning is less common. This site looks really cool to help you learn by modifying existing games or writing your own.

Akedo - Play, Craft, Master Retro gaming and coding platform with extensive catalogue of classic arcade games you can edit to make your own.

I didn’t know this was possible with HTML so I wanted to share in case you didn’t know too.

TIL: You Can Access A User’s Camera with Just HTMLaustingil.com So that’s the HTML capture attribute. It’s a pretty cool way to add a nicer user experience if you know that your mobile users are going to be taking a

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