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September 6, 2022

LARPing - 123dev #88

Posted on September 6, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 369 words
Me pretending to be a Kubernetes cluster (click for full version



“The emotional intelligence of management is what makes a company culture miserable or excellent.” Out of Office: The Big Problem and Bigger Promise of Working from Home

I read this book last week and it had some really good insights that put words to experiences of corporate America. The main lesson from the book is working remotely is going to amplify the dysfunctions of companies and until bad practices are fixed working remotely isn’t going to be the idealistic environment so many people hope it will be.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Ukraine conflict update

Comments are usually reserved for things I learned or tips for development. Ever since the war in Ukraine started I have reserved one of the comments to raise awareness of the conflict.

This week I would like to interrupt the interruption to remind you that transgender rights are human rights and technologies and companies are not politically neutral.

You might have the privilege to ignore politics, but I guarantee you not all of your co-workers or users can. The sooner you listen to how they are impacted by seemingly neutral decisions the better you can understand your privilege and how you can lend it to others.

Are you a new manager or trying to improve your 1:1 meetings with your manager? This repo has some good ideas for questions and ways to make it more useful.

GitHub - eugeneyan/1-on-1s: 🌱 1-on-1 questions and resources from my time as a manager.github.com 🌱 1-on-1 questions and resources from my time as a manager. - GitHub - eugeneyan/1-on-1s: 🌱 1-on-1 questions and resources from my time as a manager.

This site has the best visualizations of machine learning algorithms I’ve seen. If you ever wanted to get started with machine learning—or just understand the jargon better—this is a great place to start.

MLU-Explainmlu-explain.github.io MLU-Explain

Finally, a vscode plugin that can tell me what */2 4 5 * 1 means. Check out crontab.guru if you don’t use vscode. Just don’t tell anyone I included 4 links in this newsletter 🤫

Cron Explained - Visual Studio Marketplacemarketplace.visualstudio.com Extension for Visual Studio Code - Translate cron-like schedules to a readable format

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