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August 23, 2022

Learning hurdles - 123dev #86

Posted on August 23, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 402 words
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No code walls

I’ve been prototyping a mobile app with no code solutions. It helped me start quickly, but I hit limitations with functionality I needed. I tried multiple options and they all had similar—but different—limits.

I finally decided the app was worth making so I started picking a language, framework, hosting, etc. I’ve never written a mobile app before so it’s all new to me. I decided on Flutter which took me much longer to set up than I expected.

The time spent on setup and research made me lose some of the excitement and motivation for the app. Persevering through learning hurdles is a big part of being a developer. If you don’t find yourself completely lost on occasion you’re not be learning new things.


I delayed sending this issue until it was August 24th in Ukraine. Today is their independence day from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today also marks 6 month of fighting to keep their independence from Russia.

I still think of the families, soldiers, and my friends daily. They did not ask for this war, but they had to put their personal plans on hold and fight for their country or flee for their lives.

This was a good article. Not as much for the question it answers, but for the history it explains about DevOps, SRE, and platforms.

“Who Should Write the Terraform?” – zwischenzugszwischenzugs.com The Problem Working in Cloud Native consulting, I’m often asked about who should do various bits of ’the platform work’. I’m asked this in various forms, and at various levels, but the title’s question (‘Who should write the Terraform?) is a fairly typical one. Consultants are often asked simple questions that invite simple answers, but…

The above article inspired me to write a thread about DevOps vs SRE. Some insights I’ve learned after being on platform and SRE teams and learning how Amazon organizes service teams.

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Jasonelle lets you write mobile apps for iOS and Android with JSON and JavaScript. The examples are neat and could probably help you prototype something quickly, but the nested HTML/CSS in JSON would probably get unmaintainable if the app got too complex.

GitHub - jasonelle/jasonelle: 🛸 🏘️ Jasonelle issues, releases, discussions and wiki repository. 🛸 🏘️ Jasonelle issues, releases, discussions and wiki repository. - GitHub - jasonelle/jasonelle: 🛸 🏘️ Jasonelle issues, releases, discussions and wiki repository.

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