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August 9, 2022

Uplifting - 123dev #84

Posted on August 9, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 417 words
A patio umbrella flys away from the wind



When someone gives you a complement to your face, or via chat, or even in pull requests it feels good. If it’s a complement aligned with your values it could give you a boost for a long time.

If the complement is unexpected or about something you are self conscious about it may make you feel worse; even if the other person intends it for good.

Some of the best complements are the ones people say behind your back. They praise your work to someone else. They ask to be on a project with you, or say something like “they’re great” in passing.

You don’t get the immediate lift, but you also avoid the potential down. Complements behind your back are the best for your long term happiness and success.

Be Kind

I’m reminded this week that you never know what someone is going through. Just because they appear “normal” doesn’t mean they’re not struggling. The mental and physical pain someone may be going through is not apparent.

They may have lost a pet, have chronic pain, or live in a country at war. We are all human*. Remember that you’re communicating with complex people in everything you do. Showing kindness can go a long way.

*if you’re reading this newsletter and are not human please let me know :)

This article goes into a lot more than just publishing a package. Everything from setting up git hooks, GitHub actions, and testing. Worth a read if you’re a Python developer—or want to become one.

How to create a Python package in 2022 | Mathsppmathspp.com How do you create a Python package? How do you set up automated testing and code coverage? How do you publish the package? That’s what this article teaches you.

The `yes` command has got me in more trouble than any other Linux command. I took down a Kubernetes cluster by filling hard drives with “yes” logs. I used a days worth of logging quota for an entire company in 30 minutes. Be careful. It’s extremely fast.

A Little Story About the `yes` Unix Command | Matthias Endlerendler.dev Personal website of Matthias Endler, a Software Engineer interested in low-level programming and Backend development. Rust, Go

Do you depend on open source code? This site gives you so much great information about your dependencies, licenses, and updates. I wish I knew about it sooner.

Open Source Insights

Track all of your dependencies license versions, security advisories, and updates.

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