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May 3, 2022

Too much to learn - 123dev #70

Posted on May 3, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 380 words
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Learning is a process of identifying similarities between something we know and something don’t (the thing we are learning). Learning brand new things is usually hard, not because it is more difficult, but because we don’t have similar things to compare it to.

When you first learn how to program it’s really hard. The similarities with things we know are very limited and not similar. Once you learn how to program, it’s much easier to learn a different language. Some languages have more differences than similarities (e.g. functional programming) but there are still enough similarities for us to know where to start.

The more variety of experiences you have the easier it is to have similarities to learn new things. Having a deep knowledge in one area is good for some people, but having a broader variety of knowledge will help you innovate more than people with narrow expertise.

War crimes

Hello new subscribers 👋 I have been reserving one of my comments to continue to raise awareness of the war in Ukraine. When the conflict ends I will return to regularly scheduled stories and comments.

War is literally armed combat with the goal to kill people or kill enough of them so they surrender their freedom to you. And yet, there are extremes that go to far. The fact that there is something more extreme than killing someone is a sad realization that people can be very evil.

VSCode has some unique ways to handle development environments. I found myself programming on embedded systems this week and this fix helped a lot. Maybe it can help you too.

Python Relative Imports in VSCode (Fix ModuleNotFoundError and Auto-completion) | k0nze Progamming, Computer Science, and Everything in Between

Python code wrapped in HTML tags? Sure, why not.

PyScript | Run Python in your HTMLpyscript.net PyScript

I’m pretty sure you’ve never used <pyscript> before, but just in case you have, here’s another 10 tags you’ve probably never used. Most of them you’ve never used for good reason.

10 HTML tags you have never used beforedevapt.com Here are the 10 HTML tags that you have never seen before. Learn when and how to use these tags in your project. Some of the tags are really handy…

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