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January 18, 2022

The world goes round - 123dev #55

Posted on January 18, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 263 words
I view from inside a washing machine but the world turns around instead



Inner loops and flow are such powerful things for developers. Some of the most productive developers are the ones who can easily get into this state. I spent most of my week trying to develop a fairly simple app, but instead I spent all of my time yak shaving and spinning my wheels.

More problems

Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.

―Peter Senge

One of my favorite things about Kubernetes is that it has made many different infrastructure APIs intuitive (or at least consistent). In this article Slack calls it “intuitive consistency” which has helped me use APIs quickly more than any amount of documentation or sample code.

How We Design Our APIs at Slack - Slack Engineeringslack.engineering

Slack’s design principles and process for APIs

Just because you have a design for your API doesn’t mean you know what technology you should use to implement it. This does a good job of explaining when you might want to use different data exchanges. Hint, never use SOAP.

An Architect’s guide to APIs: SOAP, REST, GraphQL, and gRPC | Enable Architectwww.redhat.com By convention, a Protocol Buffers definition is defined in a .proto file. (See Figure 3, below.)

If you’re looking for more details than the Slack article check out Zalando’s full API guidelines. There’s lots of details you don’t have to adopt, but I’m thankful they open sourced their guidelines for others to learn from. Every decision on this guide likely comes with years of lessons learned.

Zalando RESTful API and Event Guidelines Your description for this link…

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