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January 4, 2022

You're free; it's free - 123dev #53

Posted on January 4, 2022  •  2 minutes  • 393 words
dog runs away after owner drops leash


The illusion

You’re free to do whatever you want. The part that I’ve had problems figuring out in the past is I have freedom with and without a leash.

Without a leash I can go wherever I want. I can go anywhere, learn anything, and do anything. I have to pay the consequences of my actions but I’m free to do them.

With a leash I can go wherever I want within certain bounds. If I’m at a job but want to do something else I can work with my manager to let me get closer to that tree programming language. I can sniff those bushes that new tech to see if I like it. But it’s up to me to communicate what I want to do and take the first step.

The real freedom comes when you realize you’re the one holding the leash. Don’t hold yourself back.


Humans need cycles. Every day is new but we have a hard time making big changes or breaking habits without large life events. There’s no way you would be able to maintain excitement for every second of every day.

New years is just another day but a milestone in our cycles in how we measure time. Take advantage of it to make big changes, one small change at a time.

I personally want to get better with CSS this year. This site might be familiar to many of you, but I’ve only gone through some of the tutorials and already learned a lot.

Learn CSSweb.dev An evergreen CSS course and reference to level up your web styling expertise.

If you want to learn python or have an instant, web-based python playground this site has a really cool interface. It’s also open source so diving into some of the code to see how it’s built it is something that can teach more advanced developers.

futurecoder: Learn to code from scratchfuturecoder.io Your description for this link…

I think I’m finally sold on benefits of GraphQL at large organizations. Even small APIs can benefit from the structure and best practices in many of the libraries and tooling. I thought this workshop was really interesting. Daily emails to teach you about a new concept in GraphQL. Delivered to your inbox.

GraphQL workshopgraphqlworkshop.com Discover your path through the GraphQL wilderness.

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