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October 20, 2021

Skills, stories, and software every dev should know - 123dev #42

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A book is flipped through one way with text and the other way with pictures



It is easier to educate a do-er than to motivate the educated

My experience at companies in various jobs and in open source communities echos this quote. I have had the privilege to work with some very smart people. If given the chance when starting a new project I will always pick the people who are excited to learn new things over the people who already know what to do.

“In person”

I was physically present for part of Kubecon last week and I’ve come to realize I don’t like calling conferences “virtual” and I prefer “remote” or “distributed.” Virtual can imply that there are not real people you are interacting with in chat or in video calls. I know chat bots are popular but I don’t look forward to attending conferences with them.

I had also forgotten what it was like to be in a large room with other people. I was thankful for all of the measures the conference had, but that didn’t stop me from over-thinking ever moment I touched a door handle or my mask slipped below my nose.

Once I returned home and participated in the conference remotely the entire experience and my involvement changed drastically. I fell right back into the partial work, partial participation trap that I don’t think will ever go away with remote conferences.

This is so easy to add basic style to a plane HTML site. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great starting place if you want some CSS you can tweak to your liking.

100 Bytes of CSS to look great everywhere ∊ swyx.io — www.swyx.io Simple grab and go upgrade to the base user agent stylesheet to make for readable sites

I’ve been using VS Code as my primary editor for over a year now and didn’t know that code snippets can have variables or about LogPoints. Both seem very useful I am going to try to set up and remember to use.

7 VS Code Tricks Every Developer Needs To Know | by Percy Bolmér | Aug, 2021 | Towards Data Science — towardsdatascience.com A summary of the best features in VS Code that will level up your development speed. Code snippets, Refactoring tricks and Logpoints.

If you ever use watch then you’ll probably love viddy. It’s a “modern” replacement with some nice things like history playback, keyboard shortcuts, and text search. It also has a nice output for demos.

GitHub - sachaos/viddy: 👀 A modern watch command. Time machine and pager etc. — github.com 👀 A modern watch command. Time machine and pager etc. - GitHub - sachaos/viddy: 👀 A modern watch command. Time machine and pager etc.

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