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October 8, 2021

Climbing the corporate ladder - 123dev #33

Posted on October 8, 2021  •  4 minutes  • 674 words
A person standing on top of a ladder cuts a branch off a tree that falls and hits the ladder and the person falls out of sight


Stealing The Corner Office

I listened to this book and here are the action items to help you climb the career ladder into senior leadership if that’s what you want. It’s not the best strategies for a dev/IC, but some of the tips are still helpful. If you can follow some of these tips your career climb hopefully won’t look like the gif.

  1. Never be too passionate about your ideas (be objective)
  2. Embrace the changes everyone else hates (best time for growth opportunities)
  3. Learn to promote your projects (demonstrate how your project helps influencers)
  4. Avoid the farce of results orientation (expand your expertise)
  5. Don’t be part of the herd (network with people outside your team)
  6. Find big problems to solve (5 small victories = 1 big one)
  7. Don’t hold people accountable (people want to work for and with people who make them feel good)

Teaching content

In technology there are different approaches to teach people. Lots of people teach concrete, actionable topics through how-to articles. Blog posts and videos like “build a streaming platform with Javascript” or “bubble sort with bash”. These tutorials aren’t for everyone but there’s a big audience that knows they want to learn it.

Other people, like me, teach less actionable topics that fewer people know they need. I realize that the posts I write are rarely “How to do X with Y” which makes it harder to find an audience and much harder to search. I try to teach topics from my own experience and things I wish I knew sooner. Thank you for learning with me. ❤️

I’ve never used Koyeb but this was a good example of when you should not use Kubernetes. Kubernetes has always been focused on extensible, general purpose container and infrastructure orchestration. Nomad was optimized for fast scheduling with any job—container or binary—at the trade off of extensibility. Hashicorp tools have always had multi-datacenter controls which was a big win for Koyeb’s use case.

In Koyeb’s case multi-datacenter, fast scheduling was exactly what they needed for their data plane. Of course they’re still using Kubernetes for the control plane because the requirements on that system is a good fit.

Koyeb - The Koyeb Serverless Engine: from Kubernetes to Nomad, Firecracker, and Kumawww.koyeb.com We decided to build our own serverless engine, one that would not be limited by existing implementations. The first version of Koyeb was built on top of Kubernetes and allowed us to quickly build a working cloud platform. After a few months of operating with this version, we decided to move user workloads from Kubernetes to a custom stack based on Nomad, Firecracker, and Kuma.

I’ve never been much of a book reader until I discovered audio books. Up until I was about 20 I can only remember finishing 2 books that had more than 100 pages. With audio books I consume dozens of books per year.

I discovered Hoopla this week and after a few failed attempts at using Libby/Overdrive in the past. Hoopla’s content library is much larger than the others and I’ve already found about 10 books from my wish list I have queued up.

It has some videos I also want to check out and I was able to get a library card for a supported library online. Worth checking out if you have a wish list of books you haven’t bought or listened to yet.


Tap Into Discovery. Read, Listen, & Watch with Your Library Card

If you’re new to development or want to understand Javascript better this is the most thorough “notes” I’ve ever seen. Pick up from the beginning or jump to whatever topic you want to learn. The worst part is the cursive font.

Beginner JavaScript Notes - Wes Boswesbos.com These notes are a free resource, based on my Beginner JavaScript Video course . They can be used as a stand alone guide, along with the videos or a quick reference for all the different parts of JavaScript like the different ways to declare a function.

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