Justin Garrison
September 23, 2021

The feeling the first time your code works - 123dev #18

Posted on September 23, 2021  •  2 minutes  • 314 words
A baby is surprised by flipping a water bottle


When code works

Sometimes I’m equally surprised as this baby when my code works. Especially when I either do it on the first try or I fight with it for days and finally figure it out. It’s exciting and then I try to figure out why it works.

Know where to look for a problem

I struggled with something for the new 123dev website for a few nights this past week. I thought the problem was because of my lack of CSS skills and I spent most of my time trying to figure it out. It turned out to be completely unrelated to CSS—full write up in next weeks post—and reminded me of the importance of finding the simplest reproducible issue before making assumptions.

I put out a new YouTube video ahead of KubeCon EU this week. It doesn’t teach you anything, but hopefully gives you a laugh. If you haven’t seen the original “mother of all demos” I highly encourage you to look it up. It happened over 50 years ago!

The Mother of all Kubernetes Demoswww.youtube.com They were ahead of their time.

There are lots of code snippets for HTML and it’s a good idea to update from time to time. I try to find something modern to make sure I’m not carrying too much cruft. This one looks good and walks through line by line which is helpful to understand what it does.

My current HTML boilerplate - Manuel Matuzović Every element I use for the basic structure of a HTML document, with explanations why.

Flexboxes are still magic to me. Chrome 90 now has some interactive tools to debug them. Some other really nice debugging tools are included in this release too.

What’s New In DevTools (Chrome 90) - Chrome Developers Debugging support for CSS Flexbox, performance heads-up display on page, issues tab updates and more.

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