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September 18, 2021

Just say no ⚽😑 - 123dev #13

Posted on September 18, 2021  •  3 minutes  • 454 words
A man getting hit in the face with a ball in slow motion


Do you know how to say no?

People often feel guilty for saying no to opportunities, but in reality you should say no when you really care about something but know you are not the best person. It doesn’t matter if you’re not interested, if you don’t have enough time, or you don’t have the right skills. If you understand saying no will make the project/event/collaboration/etc. more successful then you can better position yourself to say no and explain why.

I can imagine the guy in the gif originally thought he was helping by saying yes to this. It looks like everything worked out well… for the person throwing the ball.

Are you in the right job?

The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves.

— Logan Pearsall Smith

You should curl -sL http://bit.ly/10hA8iC | bash this link first and then wget the link to read the source. Bash, embedded python, and audio if you’re on Linux — assuming your audio is working. :) Pretty amazing.

A random script on the internet

Nothing to see here

If you like ruby syntax but want something that can be compiled into a portable binary crystal looks like it could be a good fit. I’ve never written anything in it, but I’ve been watching it for a while. Great to see them release 1.0. 🎉

Crystal 1.0 - What to expect - The Crystal Programming Languagecrystal-lang.org The release of the first major release of Crystal arrives after many years of hard work. With thousands of contributions from people worldwide, it was finally possible to find consensus for what truly mattered for 1.0 and what could wait for future releases. Getting here wasn’t an easy journey, filled with enriching, controversial, delightful, and endless conversations that, in the end, made it possible to build a language more useful for more users.

I love Terraform. It can do a lot of things really well and with all of the provider plugins it’s really easy to get started. I completely agree with this article that you shouldn’t be deploying your applications with Terraform.

As much as some people want to stick with the tool they’re familiar with, Terraform can deploy software but you’re going to hit a lot of limitations. You can try to mask those limitations or orchestrate Terraform apply commands with Jenkins. In reality you should use a different tool.

Don’t Deploy Applications with Terraform | by Paul Durivage | Google Cloud - Community | Mediummedium.com I know. This is a loaded topic. I can’t believe I’m going there–diving into the depths of a topic so heated, you probably already have strong opinions. Seriously, Terraform is not application…

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