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September 10, 2021

HTML, queues, and whiteboarding - 123dev #5

Posted on September 10, 2021  •  2 minutes  • 304 words
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There were some conversations on Twitter this past weekend that HTML is not a programming language. I don’t care about semantics, but I DO care to recognize people that write HTML as developers.

My first full-time job I wrote code to solve problems even though I didn’t have “developer” in my title. I automated a job that used to take 3 weeks down to 3 hours with the code I wrote. It just so happened that my IDE was Excel.

Systems Architecture

I spent a lot of time this past week talking to people about applications they’ve built and run. It’s great to hear about design and trade-offs for things I’ve never worked on and failure modes I’ve never had to consider. I’ll be posting the conversations on YouTube in the coming weeks.

I wrote down my setup for remote whiteboarding. I’m using an open source app which fit’s my needs for simplicity and a friendly pen interface. I address a lot of other options and when you might want to use them in the post.

Whiteboarding software and hardwarewww.justingarrison.com Options for personal and shared whiteboarding

I never read comics growing up, but lately I’ve been learning a lot about visual story telling. From Julia’s blog—link from last weeks email—I found Understanding Comics book and I’ve already read it and learned a ton!

Amazon.com: Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art: McCloud, Scott: Books Amazon.com: Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art: McCloud, Scott: Books

If you’ve ever wondered about message queues and how they work this article is for you. It explains the concepts of message delivery, types of usage, and software options.

The Big Little Guide to Message Queuessudhir.io A guide to the fundamental concepts that underlie message queues, and how they apply to popular queueing systems available today.

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